Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing

21/07/2011, by Rami, in Uncategorized, 37 comments

This is an announcement we hadn’t yet planned to make, to be completely honest. We’ve been sort of wrapping up on Serious Sam: The Random Encounter before final testing commences and were planning on having a week of rest after release and announce this then.

Sadly, last week, this happened:

Next thing we knew, the internet exploded with people angry about the entire thing. We really want to thank everyone for being so readily available to notify us and say something about the whole thing: we received over a hundred e-mails, tweets, messages and other sort of really quick modern internet-communications.

We’ve had the idea to do a sequel to Radical Fishing as our debut on iOS pretty much since the first day we released the game – it’s really one of those things we’ve been getting requests for since the day we started with Vlambeer. Thus a few months ago we teamed up with Zach Gage and Greg Wohlwend to create Ridiculous Fishing, an iOS sequel to Radical Fishing.  Since all of us had projects of our own, we started working on Ridiculous Fishing recently and the Ninja Fishing thing completely took us by surprise.

Ridiculous Fishing will have new gameplay mechanics, more powerful weapons, exotic locations, over the-top upgrades, monsters and treasures. The game will allow for some nice ways to brag about your biggest catch, your shinier boat and your coolest gear. Also, it’ll feature fish wearing hats.

We didn’t just want to recreate Radical Fishing for iOS, so we reimagined the idea from the ground up for the platform. We also took time to implement the things we learned from the original Flash version and to watch a lot of documentaries about the art of fishing with high caliber weapons. Ridiculous Fishing is everything you loved about the original but better and prettier. Greg has come up with an amazing visual style for the game.

Anyway, Ridiculous Fishing is Vlambeers’ debut on iOS, so it’s very cool to do that by working with our very first IP” and we’re super-excited to be working on this with Zach & Greg involved. Plus, to be honest, it has always been our ambition to make a game about fish wearing hats.

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