Ridiculous Fishing Android

A little update regarding Ridiculous Fishing for Android

19/11/2013, by Rami, in Uncategorized, 0 comments

Ridiculous Fishing Android

We mentioned in our Ridiculous Fishing announcement yesterday that the next time we’d mention Ridiculous Fishing for Android would be when it launched.

We were serious.

We know that this is probably a bit of a surprise in that normally we’re super open about our development process. In this case, development was done externally and we didn’t want to announce a game on a platform we don’t know before being sure the game would be up to the standard people expect from us. If the game didn’t reach those standards, or the amount of devices that supported the game was too low for our liking, we wanted to be able to cancel the game.

Android (and porting in general) is a particularly tough challenge for a game as precise and meaningful to us as Ridiculous Fishing is, but we’re happy to say we finally reached the point where we felt comfortable releasing the game recently & decided to try something we felt would harken back to our original launch plans. We wanted Ridiculous Fishing’s original launch to be surprise announcement, but way back then, a clone threw a wrench in those plans and we ended up scrambling. This time around though, we can pull it off.

So here you go, Ridiculous Fishing for Android, launched sort of the way Ridiculous Fishing for iOS was supposed to launch. Obviously, the amazing bundle of games the game is releasing amidst is something we are really, really proud of. This is our first foray into Android, and we’re quite nervous to see how this launch will go. Ridiculous Fishing is obviously a game that carries a tremendous emotional weight for co-creators Zach, Greg, Eirik and ourselves at Vlambeer. We embarked on this trip to fulfil a request we kept getting on a daily basis, and now that it is available, we hope you love Ridiculous Fishing as much as we do.


Rami, Jan Willem, Zach, Greg & Eirik