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"It's damn near a perfect game." - IGF on Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box is probably our best-known game. It’s a fast-paced and filled with action – a small, simple, freeware game about collecting crates. Available for both PC and Mac, the game won several ‘Best game 2010′ prizes and was nominated for an ‘Excellence in Design’ award at the 2011 Independent Games Festival.

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If you’ve been following Nuclear Throne, there’s been weekly updates – but here we’ve been sort of quiet as we burrowed into that project. But since 2014 is almost over, we thought we update our blog here with some of our closing notes. Let’s start with the bad news and move to the good news, OK? Just feels nicer to end on the high note.

The bad news is mostly related to our earlier games and mostly comes in the form of “we’ve finally learned not to announce dates before we’re 100% certain”. Nuclear Throne has taken an absurd amount of time with weekly public updates, and it turns out having to release an update every week means you don’t have a lot of time for other things. Here’s a quick summary of what we’re up to at Vlambeer.


Ridiculous Fishing

While we hope you grabbed the Christmas hat in Ridiculous Fishing last week, the 2014 content update for Ridiculous Fishing has been postponed until further notice. Both ourselves, Zach Gage and Greg Wohlwend have been too busy with other projects to do anything particularly significant on the project. We apologise for this, and hope to have some news in the next year.

Super Crate Box iOSSuper Crate Box iOS
An update for Super Crate Box for iOS should release in the first few months of 2015, which should finally enable support for additional screen ratios. Since this is also highly dependent on Halfbot’s schedule, we can’t promise anything here just yet.


We’re aware of a trophy bug for LUFTRAUSERS on PlayStation Network platforms. Sadly, our original programmers on the project cannot further support the project due to new jobs. We’ve been working with Devolver Digital and found some people who can give LUFTRAUSERS a much-needed bugfix run. We’ll have more news on that in the nearby future.

Well, that was the bad news! Nothing terrible, we hope, but it’s still something we’re sorry about. You learn as you go, we guess. We know you’ve trusted us with your time, enthusiasm and money – and we want to make sure that we deliver on our promises of fishing with machineguns, crate-collecting and aerial superweapons. Let’s move on to the good news, then!

Serious Worldmap

Super Crate Box, GUN GODZ & Serious Sam: The Random Encounter
GameMaker creator YoYoGames and Vlambeer are collaborating on bringing Super Crate Box, GUN GODZ and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter to additional platforms, most notably Windows 8. This ‘support update pack’ should enable these games to run on OS X and Linux, too. We’ll be announcing a release date as soon as we’ve got a better overview of the effort that’ll go into these fixes, and we’ll keep you updated on Twitter, Facebook and our blog.

Nuclear Throne

Anyone who, by end of the 31st of December (CET), owns Nuclear Throne on Steam or has registered their game through Humble will receive a New Years’ gift code for the game on January 1st, 2015. While we’ll endeavour to make sure everyone gets their gift copy somewhere on the 1st, we can’t 100% promise we’ll be able to deliver all codes on January 1st. It’s kind of a huge logistic effort to give away as many gift copies as we are (we couldn’t be more thankful for that situation, though!).

We are afraid we can’t make any exceptions to the deadline here because of the logistics of the whole endeavour.

You’ll receive a giftable version of the version of Nuclear Throne that you bought (so a Steam gift copy for Steam players, a Humble gift link for Humble and Twitch). Just check your Steam account or the Humble link for your original copy. If you bought through Twitch, you can visit this page to claim it.

We hope that you’ll give these gift keys to people with a good eye for video games, people that you know would love Nuclear Throne, and people that you think would’ve never heard of Nuclear Throne without your gift. Basically, we hope you’ll grow our community with people you know are good people that care about games, and that could give us quality feedback on the game as we progress into 2015.

Please consider the gifted key as a thank you for your support of the game and a way to support us even further in our effort to make the best version of Nuclear Throne we can hope to build.

What an amazing year full of wonderful moments, from being the first studio to sell a game through Twitch (and showing them that game development deserves its own category on their platform) to Nuclear Throne’s absolutely humbling performance. We were amazed with our mention on the top 10 developer lists by the games industry blog Gamasutra and happy to see Nuclear Throne and LUFTRAUSERS popping up on all sorts of top 10 lists. We had fun at all the events at which we’ve had the opportunity to talk to so many of you out there.

Vlambeer continues to be a strange and wonderful rollercoaster.

From the two of us here at Vlambeer, and on behalf of those who worked with us throughout 2014, see you in 2015.

Rami & J.W.

Vlambeer News Roundup – June 2013

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This post was written in a bit of a rush, somewhere around 1AM, because we honestly don’t have time to write it at any other moment. We did want to update you all with some great news, because while the spelling and grammar possibly aren’t quite up to par with our usual, June was a ridiculously busy month filled with a ton of good news.

Not only did we finally give a talk together again, we also released Super Crate Box on OUYA for free, we submitted the Ridiculous Fishing update to Apple, got the Super Crate Box iOS update ready for submission somewhere next week, started working on fixing the Windows 8 bugs for all our Windows titles, worked full days to wrap up LUFTRAUSERS and spent a lot of hours getting our next project ready for the livestreams soon. Jan Willem co-organized Local Multiplay Picnic Plus and announced the next 7DFPS game jam while Rami is working on helping out with the Indie MEGABOOTH.

That is not even mentioning that Rami started this month in Karlshamn, Sweden, where he was a judge for the Game Concept Challenge and ranted about authorial intent in games. Nor that he continued to fly straight to Los Angeles for E3, where he manned three booths at once while Ridiculous Fishing collaborator Zach Gage picked up the Apple Design Award we won for Ridiculous Fishing in San Francisco. We also got listed 69th in a list of most influential people in gaming, which is still a bit of a strange sensation to us.

What a crazy month. Let’s go through some of these things a bit slower, we guess.

E3 was amazing. It is amazing to see how much of an impact indie has on the gaming industry – from being an underground movement to being both that, but also the largest booth at the Penny Arcade Expo and being a major presence on the E3 showfloor and during Sony’s keynote. Seeing that Sony had nine screens on stage and the only moment more than six were used was during the Indie Eight segment was a small revolution in itself.

A day later, somebody stole all of Rami’s gear. Luckily, we backup regularly and our hardware was easily replaced. It was a massive pain, but we guess our backup policies worked out well for us there.

Besides spending a lot of times with the crazy geniuses at Devolver Digital, we spent a lot of time talking to all of our friends at Sony. We also spent some good time talking about interesting developments at Nintendo. We’re impressed by their efforts to having not just the latest AAA titles, but also the widest variety of indie games. Oh, we also talked to Microsoft for a bit but nothing really newsworthy happened there, although the people we talked to were really nice and obviously cared.

Super Crate Box iOS

OUYA was the other new factor at this E3. Obviously, the idea of an open console with an actual store was something we had to get behind, so we decided to release Super Crate Box for free on OUYA. After all, the OUYA is a home device and we promised to make Super Crate Box free on home devices. If you like Super Crate Box on OUYA, we’d encourage you to pick up some of the fun games on OUYA if you have one: Towerfall, The Little Crane That Could, Awesome Frog and No Brakes Valet come to mind.

In terms of making games, this month has been a rollercoaster. Unlike last month, we actually have something to show for it.

LUFTRAUSERS on Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita is progressing really well. The fans that played the game at Rezzed seemed to agree the current version of the game is a huge improvement over what we showcased at Rezzed last year. The PC and Linux builds are ready, the PS3, Vita and Mac versions are almost there. We’re extremely aware we slightly missed the original Fall 2012 release date, so we don’t want to make new promises that we might miss, so all we’re going to say for now is that we’ll try to release simultaneously on all platforms.

We submitted the first Ridiculous Fishing update to iOS and we’re preparing for the release somewhere in the next month. You can read about the update and what it’ll be about on Digital Spy or TouchArcade.

For those of you on iPhone 5, we finally fixed the aspect ratio of Super Crate Box iOS and the update is ready for submission. The golden crate counter has been broken since a hack earlier last year and it’s just not been working the way it should, so we’re dropping that and releasing the update as soon as it passes approval.

If you don’t mind, we’re headed back to work. The new project is shaping up so well – some friends of ours have been playtesting an early build – we couldn’t be more excited to get all of you involved in development soon.

Super Crate Box: 2 years old!

submitted by on oktober 22, 2012 |

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It’s been two years to the day that we released Super Crate Box for PC. We had been working on the game tirelessly for half a year with the help of some people we really, really ought to thank today (& forever): artists Paul Veer, Roy Nathan de Groot and musician Eirik Suhrke.

Since that day and with the help of many more people, it has launched on Mac, Steam, iOS and Playstation Vita. To celebrate, we’ve made the iOS version FREE FOR A DAY – so grab it, tell your friends to grab it or maybe secretly install it on someones iOS device. Also, don’t forget to grab the new, re-released Super Crate Box soundtrack for just $4 or more.

On top, we’re excited to announce that Super Crate Box has yet another platform it will launch on in early December courtesy of the amazing Paul Koller (of C64anabalt fame). We’re also happy to announce a physical version that’ll be available early next year through RGCD.

Thanks to all of you for joining us on this crazy ride. We’re back to working of LUFTRAUSERS and Ridiculous Fishing before we lose another week of work to Hotline Miami, which launches tomorrow.


Rami & Jan Willem

Super Crate Box-month!

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Rami has finally returned from his two-month journey around the world, visiting Gamescom, PAX Prime, Fantastic Arcade and the Eurogamer Expo to show off LUFTRAUSERS and depending on how nicely you asked, Super Crate Box Vita and Ridiculous Fishing too. we’d love to discuss the whole trip & all the events more than this, but there’s important news we need to get out of the way first. Since Super Crate Box launched in October 2010, we’re declaring October 2012 Super Crate Box month.

Before we start, please click play on the player below for proper atmosphere.

Good. You feelin’ those Super Crate Box vibes? Let’s go.

Let’s start with first things first: Super Crate Box is now available for your Playstation Vita for $3.49 through Playstation Mobile. It’s also available for Playstation Certified phones and tablets. As far as we’re concerned, this is the best mobile Super Crate Box version we’ve released: it’s portable, it’s precise and it has buttons. Super Crate Box is available in any country that has the Playstation Mobile store & will cost you about $3.49. Let us know what your highscores are.

If you’re playing the music at the beginning of this blog post, you already know Eirik ‘Phlogiston’ Surhke went back into the studio and released a completely new, updated and arranged version of the Super Crate Box soundtrack. He calls it ‘what the soundtrack sounded like in his head all along’ and if that’s what things in his head sounds like, you can consider us jealous. Luckily, he has the ability to put those things into downloadable form, so grab the album through his Bandcamp. As a bonus, the album contains the game with the new music in there. It’s kind of an amazing thing.

Halfbot and Vlambeer are also updating Super Crate Box iOS with a minor patch. Some issues have been resolved, a few (amongst which the elusive laser gun) bug have not been fixed yet. The update is merely in preparation for a larger update hitting later, but it will also do some cool things for people that have both an iPhone and an iPad.

Finally, we’d like to officially announce a new version of Super Crate Box, tentatively titled Super Bread Box.

Not too many people will be able to play it, but as to the how and why (if you haven’t figured it out yet), we’ll have more information on this project later this month.

Next week!

Rami returning home means that by next week, hopefully the Mac version of Super Crate Box Steam and the Steam icon for both versions will go online, too. We’ll have more news about those limited edition Super Crate Box crates at PAX, how to get Vlambeer T-shirts, how to get your hands on one of those Vlambeer OST CD’s and updates on LUFTRAUSERS and Ridiculous Fishing, too.

Now go grab Phlogiston’s new Super Crate Box album & play Super Crate Box with the new music.

PAX Indie MEGABOOTH! Oh and LUFTRAUSERS and Super Crate Box Steam and Ridiculous Fishing and GUN GODZ and Fantastic Arcade and The Vlambeer OST and The Limited Edition Crate.

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After a long day and recovering from some jetlag, I have just settled into his hotel room in Seattle for the Penny Arcade Expo and the Indie MEGABOOTH. JW is staying behind in the Netherlands, recovering from GDC Europe and working hard on LUFTRAUSERS, but he’ll be over for our favorite little event, Fantastic Arcade in Austin, later this month.

A lot of stuff we’ve been working on for a long time is about to collide, or has sort of collided in the past few days, resulting in what is most the most obnoxious blog post title ever as well as the blog post title that most resembles what actually being half of Vlambeer feels like.

Here’s the wrap up:

We’ve announced we’re cooperating with Devolver Digital again for LUFTRAUSERS, after our work with them on Serious Sam: The Random Encounter was so much fun. Devolver Digital is also helping Cactus’ and Dennis’ Dennaton Games out on Hotline Miami. We’re also working with Kert Gartner again for this and the Indie MEGABOOTH, just because he’s Kert Gartner and makes the best trailers. We’ll be showing a public version of the game at our booth in the Indie MEGABOOTH (booth #672) at PAX, so if you’re around, come play.

In the wake of Super Crate Box leading Sony’s Playstation Mobile announcement at Gamescom, Super Crate Box is now also available on Steam. As always, for desktop and Mac the price of Super Crate Box is absolutely nothing at all, making it the second Vlambeer game to hit Steam and one of the few completely free games that are also free of in-app purchases on Steam. The exclusive WINNITRON multiplayer version of Super Crate Box will be playable at our booth as well.

We’ve teamed up with the amazing people at Level Up Studios to produce some really cool goodies. Us working with Level Up also means we’re finally going to come around and deliver the prizes three people won back when Vlambeer just started out. Three Super Crate Box Super Limited Crates will be delivered to the winners of the three Super Crate Box contests almost two years ago. We feel pretty shitty about that taking so long, so we’ll be sending them a free copy of a thing we’re working on in a few months.

However, that’s not all we’re doing with Level Up Studios! At PAX, we’ll have 250 equally amazing Limited Edition Crates available for sale at our booth. The Limited Edition Crate is a cardboard 6″ crate, containing the first 250 CD’s of the Vlambeer OST run, one of four Vlambeer t-shirts, an exclusive GUN GODZ 6″ print, a bunch of cool pins and a Vlambeer USB stick with most of our games (including GUN GODZ) on there. There are only 250 Limited Edition Crates available for sale at PAX, but we’ll try to spread them over all three PAX days.

After it turned out we had a spare computer, we decided that GUN GODZ will be playable at PAX, so if you don’t have access to it through Venus Patrol, so here’s your chance! The Vlambeer OST CD with -amongst others- the GUN GODZ soundtrack will be available for sale at the booth, featuring music by Phlogiston, KOZILEK, Brother Android and Alec Mauer. We also produced that one shirt we asked you about as one of the four t-shirt designs available.

After the Penny Arcade Expo, I’ll be heading out to do a roadtrip across the United States to New York City. I’ll be joined by Zach Gage and Mike’nGreg (of the amazing Gasketball), after which we’ll spend a week jamming to wrap up Ridiculous Fishing. It’s been a while, but the game that nearly killed Vlambeer might be releasing in a while. Ridiculous Fishing will also be available for you to play at our booth at PAX. After the jam, I’ll fly out to Fantastic Arcade and meet up with JW again. He’ll be keeping you updated on LUFTRAUSERS progress while I build this booth here.