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GUN GODZ is our upcoming polytheistic, hip-hop inspired first person shooter in the style of the classics. We’re making GUN GODZ as one of four games exclusively offered as incentive for the Kickstarter Brandon Boyer held for his website on culture and videogames, Venus Patrol.

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Venus Patrol backers: GUN GODZ is in your mailbox!

submitted by on februari 11, 2012 |

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For those of you that backed Venus Patrol Kickstarter, you should’ve received an e-mail from Brandon Boyer with both our first person shooter GUN GODZ & Adam ‘ADAMATOMIC’ Saltsmans CAPSULE in there!

We really want to thank Brandon for working on Venus Patrol, and we also want to give a shoutout to Paul ‘Pietepiet‘ Veer for all the art in the game, Jukio ‘KOZILEK‘ Kallio for the music and the Venusian rap and Adam ‘Doseone‘ Drucker for the main theme rap and all sound effects. Without these people, this game wouldn’t be the interesting mix it turned out to be.

If you haven’t backed Venus Patrol, there currently is no way to get GUN GODZ. We’re looking into ways to see if there’s some way we can get the game to you – but we really don’t have any idea how it’s going to pan out. We’ll let you know through Twitter, Facebook and the blog if we have any news on that.

As a little bonus, the first person to screenshot the thing that happens when you get all 52 triangles in GUN GODZ gets a little prize from us.

Clones: Advancing the Discussion

submitted by on januari 24, 2012 |

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Some pretty busy weeks have passed lately, with the Super Crate Box iOS updates taking up most of the time that wasn’t invested in Ridiculous Fishing or GUN GODZ. One thing we’ve been working on behind the scenes was a talk about Game Cloning that we wanted to give over at the Game Developers Conference.

After being through quite an episode with Radical Fishing being cloned, we believe the industry is approaching the topic from the wrong angle – one that is focused on what we cannot do about the problem – and we want to offer an alternative and reignite the discussion from a more constructive perspective. It was just confirmed that we’re actually giving the talk and we’re thankful that we’ve been offered this chance to speak at the Independent Games Summit, an amazing venue to kickstart this new discussion.

In 2010, Vlambeer created Radical Fishing, released it as a sponsored Flash game and began work on an iOS version. As we were working, a third party suddenly released a game – which, down to the upgrades, was almost identical to Radical Fishing’s design. This resulted in a lot of thinking about defining cloning, the dangers it poses to upcoming indie developers and the variety of strong opinions that keep the issue from being debated in a useful manner.

Vlambeer will talk about the practical dangers of clones to our industry and what we CAN do, instead of discussing only what we cannot do. We want to pick up the discussion at its impasse and provide a starting point for a new, more practical conversation about cloning.

Further details and the exact timing of the talk will be announced over at the GDC Schedule Builder.

Unrelated: we’re hoping to push the Super Crate Box iOS update this week & will be attending the Nordic Gamejam in Copenhagen. It’s a busy week, but it’s going to be fun!


submitted by on januari 10, 2012 |

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Last week, we launched Super Crate Box iOS & as you might’ve heard, it’s being doing well. By now – only 5 days later – 20.000.000 crates have been collected worldwide (which comes down to 150.000 per hour!), the game once almost made it into the top 25, it got a New & Noteworthy status & was even featured on the games page on the US. We’ve been pretty overwhelmed by all the positive reviews everywhere – even if you count the criticism about the controls – the majority still seems be able to use them with great efficiency.

Not to worry, though, we’re trying to account for those who have trouble with the controls too! For the upcoming just released update we’ve been working three days and nights, tweaking & testing the controls.

In other news, GUN GODZ for Brandon Boyers’ Venus Patrol Kickstarter is nearing completion! Just last week, as we were revving up to launch Super Crate Box iOS, we played through the entire game from A to Z for the first time. We’ve had a great time listening to KOZILEK’s amazing hip-hop beats (on an related note, if you dig Super Crate Box’s OST, grab it here!). This means that the game should be in your hands (if you pledged!) really, really soon!


This is the best week ever.

Happy holidays!

submitted by on december 24, 2011 |


Happy holidays from JW and me here at Vlambeer – also from our artist-in-crime Paul Veer & the amazing KOZILEK (who has his latest amazing EP available as free download for the holidays, by the way, so totally go grab that right away)!

New website launches, crowd goes wild.

submitted by on december 6, 2011 |

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I would like to welcome everyone to our brand-new website! Now with better looks, proper interactivity and over 50% more usability. This one actually shows you what games we’ve made. Anyway, the new website works, so that is nice. We’ve got some other things to announce.
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