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Deer Santa

Deer Santa is a game created for a gamejam hosted by Dutch television show Gamekings.tv

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Grab some controllers and a friend: Deer Santa is now available!

submitted by on december 22, 2012 |


Grab two controllers and a friend and head over to Advent of Indies right now to grab Deer Santa for completely free.

Special thanks again to Sara ‘twobitart’ Gross, Bits_beats & Revolution Sounds for jamming with us. Also thanks to Dutch game show Gamekings for asking us as one of the competitors in the jam – and to Abbey Games for being the other team.

Happy holidays!

Deer Santa

submitted by on december 5, 2012 |

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Monday was sort of a crazy day. We managed to create Deer Santa during a 8 hour gamejam, while being recorded for a Dutch television show on videogames. We got help in the art department from Sara ‘twobitart’ Gross, who has always cheered us up with an amazing drawing if something bad happened. The amazing music was made by two Dutch musicians who we’ll mention when we release the game and the two track soundtrack to it. We’ll be releasing all that later this month as part of something, but for now we’ll leave the Deer Santa news with this footage of the game.

We’re also proud to finally have a bunch of nice goods available for sale through Level Up Studios. If you ever wondered whether you could buy one of those exclusive 2 year Super Crate Box Crate Boxes, the answer is yes – we have a few of this extremely limited run left in stock. T-shirts? In several designs and sizes? The physical Vlambeer OST CD? It’s all available right here. We’re working on providing a nice storefront with extra things (including the infamous Vlambeer poster you see in all our office videos!).