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30/12/2014, by Rami, 0 comments

If you’ve been following Nuclear Throne, there’s been weekly updates – but here we’ve been sort of quiet as we…

Vlambeer News Roundup – November & December 2013: Lots of games and platforms

24/12/2013, by Rami, 0 comments

Since the last time we’ve updated the blog here, a lot has happened. We’ve been officially licensed as developers to…

A little update regarding Ridiculous Fishing for Android

19/11/2013, by Rami, 0 comments

We mentioned in our Ridiculous Fishing announcement yesterday that the next time we’d mention Ridiculous Fishing for Android would be…

Vlambeer News Roundup – September & October 2013: Exploding Airplanes & Fearless Mutants & Shooting Fish

18/11/2013, by Rami, 16 comments

Whew. It’s been a long time since we sat down a wrote a news roundup here at the Vlambeer blog….

Wasteland Kings

16/08/2013, by Rami, 0 comments

We just announced that our next project is going to be Wasteland Kings and that we’re going to be livestreaming…

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