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""My idea of fun is mashing buttons to make pretend-dudes fall over. Ergo, this is fun." - RPS

Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box is probably our best-known game. It’s a fast-paced and filled with action – a small, simple, freeware game about collecting crates. Available for both PC and Mac, the game won several ‘Best game 2010′ prizes and was nominated for an ‘Excellence in Design’ award at the 2011 Independent Games Festival.

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Super Crate Box iOS launches the fifth of January

submitted by on december 16, 2011 |

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Super Crate Box iOS launches the fifth of January. No refunds for iPhones broken in half.

Super Crate Box iOS news!

submitted by on december 7, 2011 |

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Super Crate Box iOS

It’s been way too long since we had any real news on Super Crate Box iOS, so we thought we’d pick it back up again at some really good news: We’ve just submitted the game to Apple for review! Admittedly, it didn’t make that original release date as the entire Radical Fishing cloning thing went down. On top of that it turned out the original Super Crate Box code is kind of a mess and the game is filled with little details that were hidden somewhere completely irrational deep inside the code. Halfbot has been doing an amazing job at finding and porting all that stuff for the past few months.
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New website launches, crowd goes wild.

submitted by on december 6, 2011 |

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I would like to welcome everyone to our brand-new website! Now with better looks, proper interactivity and over 50% more usability. This one actually shows you what games we’ve made. Anyway, the new website works, so that is nice. We’ve got some other things to announce.
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Super Crate Box’ Birthday!

submitted by on oktober 22, 2011 |

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Exactly one year ago, we reckon most of you had never heard of us. Because exactly one year ago, Jan Willem and me were sitting in our little office in Utrecht and we had suddenly decided to add a single feature to the game we were about to release in twenty minutes. We quickly added some code to the website and the game and tested it.

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Fantastic Arcade & Serious Sam release info

submitted by on september 25, 2011 |

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One episode that included Jan Willem running through Philadelphia airport with his shoes in his hands later, we arrived in Austin for Fantastic Arcade. At Fantastic Arcade, we’ve been finally showing off Serious Sam: The Random Encounter to a larger audience, which has been something we’ve been looking forward to for quite a while now. We’ve also talked about the game and the process behind creating the game on Friday, although in our slightly jetlagged state that did turn out rather interesting.

Something that’s also really cool is that Radical Fishing is playable on this amazing arcade cabinet courtesy of the event & we talked about the game a bit during our Developers’ Commentary panel on Saturday. It was fun finally getting to explain how much effort went into something as seemingly crude as Radical Fishing, getting all of it to feel & be just right. We continued to talk a bit about how cloning is different from iteration & how clones endanger creative, novel games – potentially stopping them from being made at all. Finally, we explained that in the wake of the cloning thing, people told us that we should make ‘less simple games’ to avoid cloning and not ‘show our ideas’. We proceeded to show two simple prototypes we have that we might work on some more later on called FFFLOOD & Yeti Hunter because you know, screw ‘em.

The most fun thing about Fantastic Fest is meeting up with fans and fellow developers, but the Super Crate Box Versus tournament we kicked off with an opening match of titans between JW and me comes in at a pretty good second place. I’ll have to admit that JW won in a stroke of luck (I did manage to beat JW in the Bit Pilot tournament on Saturday so that evens things out – although JW would say it doesn’t). Brandon Strong took away the first place in the Super Crate Box tournament and earned himself eternal fame and a crate filled with goodies.

Speaking of Super Crate Box, Halfbot and us have decided that Super Crate Box iOS just needs a bit more time. It’s definitely getting there – the controls are tight, the gameplay is solid & we can pretty consistently have players score close to their desktop scores. We’re just going to tweak the weapons a bit more so they feel right on iOS. We believe that’ll upgrade the game from being a direct port of the PC/Mac version to being a real Super Crate Box iOS. We’re really sorry for the delay there for all of those waiting for the game, but trust us when we say we think it’ll be worth the wait.

So now to the most important part of this post, because those of you looking forward to shooting hordes of enemies in their turnbased face, you won’t have to wait for long. Serious Sam: The Random Encounter will release on Steam and other digital distribution platforms for $4.99 in mid-October. That’s right, only a few more weeks left!