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Just casually releasing an ancient prototype, announcing a game, discussing the future & letting you know what’s up.

23/04/2012, by Rami, 1 comment

Two-hundred million crates have been collected worldwide. If you add up the crate counters in Super Crate Box & its…

Super Crate Box iOS launches the fifth of January

16/12/2011, by jw, 23 comments

Super Crate Box iOS launches the fifth of January. No refunds for iPhones broken in half.

Super Crate Box iOS news!

07/12/2011, by Rami, 15 comments

It’s been way too long since we had any real news on Super Crate Box iOS, so we thought we’d…

New website launches, crowd goes wild.

06/12/2011, by Rami, 0 comments

I would like to welcome everyone to our brand-new website! Now with better looks, proper interactivity and over 50% more…

Super Crate Box’ Birthday!

22/10/2011, by Rami, 0 comments

Exactly one year ago, we reckon most of you had never heard of us. Because exactly one year ago, Jan…

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