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You can now reach the Nuclear Throne

29/06/2014, by Rami, 0 comments

As you might’ve noticed, the Nuclear Throne was added to the game earlier this weekend. It took us 33 weekly…

Nuclear Throne is on Early Access now!

11/10/2013, by Rami, 0 comments

On the stream yesterday, we announced that if Rami got a giant pile of work done, we’d release on Nuclear…

Announcing Nuclear Throne, the game formerly known as Wasteland Kings

30/09/2013, by Rami, 3 comments

We’re announcing today that Wasteland Kings, the project of which we’ve been livestreaming development for the past few weeks, will…

Vlambeer News Roundup – August 2013: Delays & Celebrations

05/09/2013, by Rami, 0 comments

This post is a bit late as Jan Willem has focused squarely on streaming Wasteland Kings and moving places and…

Wasteland Kings

16/08/2013, by Rami, 0 comments

We just announced that our next project is going to be Wasteland Kings and that we’re going to be livestreaming…

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