Vlambeer toolkit & link repository

Vlambeer has created a number of tools, and talks that can help with developing, marketing and releasing games. We also extensively use a number of external services to create, market and release our games. We've decided to bundle all this information into a single website for your convenience.

presskit()webscript marketing free dopresskit.com

presskit() is an easy way for developers to create a complete presskit for their game. Created in cooperation with press and prominent developers, a well-designed presskit() increases the chances of press giving your game visibility.

distribute()service distribution free for small use dodistribute.com

distribute() is an easy way for developers to manage and maintain their press contact list and build distribution. Making sure that you have an up-to-date contact list and proper build distribution helps with gaining visibility for your game.

Monetization Form Generatorwebscript marketing free /monetize-generator

Due to the way YouTube and other large video content distribution platforms deal with copyright, video content creators often have to receive written permission from a developer to be allowed to monetize game content. This script generates a form that adheres to all the rules in place that you can upload to your server to grant this permission.

"Game Feel"talk design gamasutra

A 20-minute talk about making an action game 'feel' good, including playable prototype.

17 Lessons learnedtalk everything vimeo

A 60-minute talk about 20-ish lessons learned running Vlambeer for a few years.

Pixelprospectorexternal service everything free pixelprospector.net

by pixelprospector.com - Potentially the most valuable repository for independent game developers, Pixelprospector contains a veritable treasure trove of information on game engines, games press, game marketing, video content creators and more.

Online Game Developmentexternal service development free onlinegamedev.tumblr.com

by onlinegamedev.tumblr.com - A list of highly useful game development tools for programming, art, audio or other development-related services that run in your browser.

Promoterexternal service marketing free for small use promoterapp.com

by madebypixelate.com - Promoter keeps track of press mentions and allows you to keep track of game visibility. Integrates with presskit() for optimal ease of use.

Gamespressexternal service marketing free gamespress.com

by gamespress.com - Gamespress is an industry-standard website that allows you to quickly and easily distribute your press release to the press. An easy way to quickly reach a lot of press, very useful for 'shotgun'-style press releases.

Promoter Calendarexternal service events free promoterapp.com

by madebypixelate.com - Promoter Calendar keeps track of when important deadlines related to events, talk submissions and award submissions occur.

Testflightexternal service distribution mobile free testflightapp.com

by testflightapp.com - Testflight allows you to quickly and easily distribute iOS builds for your game.

Slackexternal service management free for small use slack.com

by slack.com - Slack is an easy-to-use team management service that includes persistent team chat, integrations with many development-related services (such as Git, Bitbucket, Trello, Dropbox and IRC), but also manages to offer all this functionality in an unobtrusive way.

Trelloexternal service events free for small use trello.com

by trello.com - Trello is an agile board manager that is extremely useful when you need to keep track of your high-level goals personally or as a team. Can be used with varying granularity as required.

Humbleexternal service sales revenue share humble.com

by humble.com - Humble allows developers to sell their games through an easy-to-implement widget, which supports the most common payment methods and has a back-end that allows consumers to retrieve their DRM-free copy of the game at any time.

itch.ioexternal service sales free itch.io

by leafo.net - itch.io is a sales platform for games very similar to Bandcamp. The service comes with a Bandcamp-esque page, a sales widget and the ability to host gamejams.

Compohubexternal service events free compohub.net

by leafo.net - Compohub keeps track of when game jams happen, and allows you to list game jams you intend to host yourself.

Gameconfsexternal service events free gameconfs.com

by intelligent-artifice.com - Gameconfs.com keeps track of conferences in a great database that is easy to search through by country, date or location.

Mailchimpexternal service marketing free for small use mailchimp.com

by mailchimp.com - Mailchimp is a tremendous help with managing and sending email to a large number of recipients. Their prices can run up quickly after the first time you hit the paywall, after which it'd be recommendable to export your lists and switch to Sendy. Mailchimp is charming and reliable, and offers robust functionality.

Sendy.coexternal service marketing paid sendy.co

by sendy.co - If you need to send high volumes of e-mail for newsletters, updates or other such mailing tasks, sendy.co offers almost free e-mail list management for a one-time $59 payment and minimal additional payment. Mailchimp is free for small batches of e-mail, but if you ever hit their paywall, Sendy might save you a lot of money.

Game Accessibility Guidelinesexternal service free gameaccessibilityguidelines.com

by gameaccessibilityguidelines.com - Game Accessibility Guidelines shows in a clear, practical and concise way what methods you can apply to improve the legibility, accessibility and playability of your game for a wide variety of players.

Indie Boothcraftexternal service events free indieboothcraft.com

by indieboothcraft.com - Indie Boothcraft is a pretty much complete repository about how to plan an event showcasing. It features information on expected spendings, how to maximise booth space and what common problems you might run into.

Hipmunkexternal service events free hipmunk.com

by hipmunk.com - Hipmunk is a way to find cheap flights ordered by agony or price. It's a great way to find cheap flights, and the agony rating can help save you a twelve hour layover if better flights are available for a few dollars more.

Two Factor Auth Listexternal service security free twofactorauth.org

by joshldavis.com - The Two Factor Auth List helps you strengthen security on your valuable information, including your game source code (if it's externally hosted), your communications (if your email is in the cloud) and your social media. While it might generally not feel necessary to protect things that rigidly, protecting things with 2-step verification might save you from devestating damages if say, your Dropbox gets hacked.

Twitterexternal service social free twitter.com

by twitter.com - Twitter is a social platform that many game developers use to communicate about games, during events and about news relevant to the industry. Twitter handles often feature on event badges, and have become an almost de facto method of communication.